WATTer Skills

WATTer Skills


The WATTer Skills consortium is composed by 4 European representatives of the main stakeholders of the vocational training and energy efficiency sector coming from 4 different European countries.

ADENE, the Portuguese Energy Agency is a private non-profit making public utility association with the mission to develop public interest activities in the areas of energy and energy efficiency, including mobility and the efficient use of water. 

ADENE’s attributions are:
  • Management of the Energy Certification of Buildings System (SCE), the Energy Intensive Consumption Management System (SGCIE) and others assigned to ADENE by national legislation;
  • Provide technical assistance in the identification and feasibility evaluation of energy efficiency measures or projects, namely in the scope of the Energy Efficiency Program in the Public Administration (Eco.AP), as well as with private organizations;
  • Management of “Academia ADENE”, ADENE’s Training Department, which is the division responsible for training of Qualified Experts on energy certification of buildings, offering several capacity building activities for other professionals in the energy efficiency area, namely  specialized training and application of energy management tools (e.g. CMVP), practices and technologies;
  • Promotion of research, development, collaborative innovation and technology transfer in the areas of energy efficiency and water efficiency, through partnerships between ADENE and R&D institutions from the national scientific system, companies and international counterparts, in the framework of national or international programs and networks to encourage collaborative R&D;
  • Participate in European projects aiming to share its experience and benefit from the active cooperation between partners within the energy and water sectors;
  • Development of campaigns and actions aimed at increasing awareness and provide information for companies and the general public on energy issues and the associated environmental dimension;
  • Participate in national and international networks or associations of organizations with a similar vocation.

ADENE – Agência para a Energia

Avenida 5 de Outubro, n.º 208, Edifício Santa Maria, 2º piso, 1050-065 Lisboa

Project Coordinator
Filipa Newton – fllipa.newton@adene.pt

In 1992 the National Construction Confederation (CNC), CCOO Construction Services and by Construction and Allied UGT, Federation of Industry (MCA-UGT), composed a Board to create and manage jointly this non-profit entity which is the Foundation. Fundación Laboral de la Construcción works to provide businesses and workers the necessary resources to promote a more professional qualified and educated construction sector.

 FLC aims:

  • Promotion of vocational training;
  • Promotion of research and development of measures to improve health and safety in the building site;
  • Promotion of measures to improve the labor market and create and facilitate a professional accreditation card (TPC).

As a result of years of dedication and effort, and with the support of many professionals, the Foundation is today a reference in the construction sector and a key partner working with and for the future of businesses and professionals. With more experience and knowledge at its disposal, FLC works to ensure that occupational risk prevention, training, innovation, sustainability and new technologies help to continue to build the progress that FLC believes possible. In addition to this, the FLC manages national and international projects with different scopes:

  • Research on economic issues, occupational profiles, professional qualifications, health and safety and training in the construction sector;
  • Development of new technologies applied to training (web 2.0, training simulators, new software applications, etc.).

FLC – Fundaciòn Laboral de la  Construccion

CALLE RIVAS 25 EDIFICIO A, 28052 Madrid, Spain

Project Manager
Javier González – jgonzalez@fundacionlaboral.org

The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) is a non profit entity founded in 1987 and supervised by the Ministry of Environment & Energy. CRES is by Law the National Centre for Coordination in the fields of RES, RUE, and Energy Saving (ES), its primary aim being to promote technological applications in these fields both at a national and international level. 

It acts as an advisor to the Greek State, while during the years having established a highly visible profile of a strong and reliable national energy centre. In the framework of its mission, CRES:

  • Is the official consultant of the Greek government on matters of RES/RUE/ES in national policy, strategy and planning;
  • Carries out applied research and develops innovative technologies which are both technically/economically viable and environment-friendly;
  • Organises, supervises and carries out demonstration and pilot projects, to promote the above technologies;
  • Implements commercial RES/RUE/ES applications in private sector energy projects, local authorities, professional associations, etc.;
  • Provides technical services and advice, in the form of specialised know-how and information, to third parties;
  • Disseminates technologies in its areas of expertise and provides reliable information and support to interested organisations and investors;
  • Organises and/or participates in technical and scientific seminars, educational programs, specialized training courses, meetings, etc.

CRES has a scientific staff of more than 120 highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary scientists and engineers., and over the years has participated in more than 600 European and national projects (being the coordinator in many of them). Through this activity, CRES has obtained important know-how, and has assisted the market in accepting and adopting new energy technologies. CRES co-operates with other institutes, universities, consultants, local authorities, international organisations (IEA, UNESCO, IEC, CEN, etc.), and is member of various European and international networks, such as the EnR, MEDENER, EUREC Agency, etc. It also participates in and provides support to various professional societies in Greece. CRES experts represent Greece in all existing IEE Concerted Actions, namely the CA EPBD, CA ESD and CA RES.

CRES – Centre for Renewable Energy Sources

MARATHONOS 19TH KM, 190009 Pikermi, Greece

Project Manager
Charalampos Malamatenios – malam@cres.gr

In ITALY, vocational training in construction is carried out through a national training system regulated by the National Collective Employment Agreement.  FORMEDIL is the central body of this system and is composed of the social partners of the sector, i.e.  the National Association of Private Construction Contractors, ANCE,  the trade unions FENEAL-UIL, FILCA-CISL, FILLEA-CGIL as well as ANAEPA, CNA, CLAAI, CASARTIGIANI, ANIEM, AGCI, CONFCOOPERATIVE, LEGACOOP.

FORMEDIL is structured on a network of 103 Building  Schools (SCUOLE EDILI). The purpose of FORMEDIL is to promote and co-ordinate vocational training, qualification and re-qualification in the construction undertaken by the SCUOLE EDILI.

Over the last few years, the Formedil system has promoted the old crafts and traditional processes with the aim to make an inventory of sector competences and knowledge transferring to other workers, including the use of innovative teaching methods. But, at the same, Formedil has promoted lots of aspects regarding the dissemination and use of the new technologies that can be related to bio-building construction and for this reason it is involved in European projects dealing with this issues.

In addition, Formedil promotes collaboration with very important associations as Confindustria Ceramica, IATT,  Andil, Atecap, Aif  representatives of  companies producing building components, materials and technologies utilized in green building and with low environmental impact. Formedil also collaborates actively with the Bio-architecture Foundation, especially for the realization of a training building site for the reconstruction after the earthquake in the city of Onna (near L’Aquila).

FORMEDIL – Ente Nazionale per la Formazioni e L’Addestramento Professionale nell Edilizia

Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani 24, 00161 Rome Italy

Project Manager
Giovanni Carapela – formedil@formedil.it