WATTer Skills

WATTer Skills map presented at the CIB W062

On August 28-30 of 2018, the 44th International Symposium CIB W062 – Water supply & Drainage for Buildings was held in Ponta Delgada, Azores (PT). This event was organized by ANQIP – National Association for Quality in Building Installations, for the presentation and discussion of innovations in the water supply and drainage sector in buildings (new solutions, new design methods, new products, etc.). At the event, ADENE made a poster presentation intitled: Performance indicators for water efficiency and water-energy nexus in building construction and retrofit.

ADENE made a keynote presentation at a side event on the 29th of August, at the Regional Azorean Order of Engineers, with the presentation of the “WATTer Skills map” proposal. This project output will contribute to promoting the debate that will contribute to the possible adoption of this map of qualifications at European level, as a reference for the training and qualification of future technicians and water efficiency specialists in the construction and building rehabilitation sector.