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Water Efficiency Expert course: Pilot Action

On 29th of November of 2019 in Lisbon, ADENE carried out a pilot action on Audit & Communication Module (residential buildings) of the complete Water Efficiency Expert training course, bringing together a group of professionals and stakeholders in the water sector with interest on water efficiency in buildings.

The objective of this module was to address the main concepts of water auditing of buildings, assessing performance and the criteria to be considered in an audit to assess the management potential of water consumption (and water-energy nexus) in fractions and common areas of buildings in the residential sector. The content was developed within the scope of the complete Water Efficiency Expert training course (of 4 modules).

The pilot had about 50 people present, amongst trainees and invited observers, of different areas, including civil engineering, designers, water efficiency professionals and water reuse. The participants highlighted as positive aspects: water efficiency as an increasingly present issue towards a more sustainable society, the possibility of exchanging experiences between professionals, and the audit process itself, as a complement to the project design phase in the area of ​​water efficiency. The training was further improved based on the participants feedback.